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Care & Maintenance

Patented OrthoCush Design



List of Athletes & Celebrities

that own a Sport Court

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Dance Studio Straps

dance studio hanging straps




Infinite Creations, Calgary AB

Infinite Creations Dance Studio




We Move Dance, SK - 4500 sq.ft.

We Move Dance 2




Level 10 Fitness, Regina, SK

Owner: Dan Farthing (former SK Rider player)

Floor: Maple Select Yoga Room with Rock Wall

Level 10 Fitness Yoga Room with Rock Wall




Basement Dance Studio

600 Sq.Ft.

600 sq.ft. Sport Court basement dance studio 600 sq.ft. Sport Court basement dance studio




Inspire Dance, Calgary, AB

Inspire Dance, Calgary, AB - new Sport Court floors

Testimonial Letter




Tiny Dancer, Lol!

Tiny Dancer on a Sport Court floor!



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Dance Floors & Exercise Floors

Our Response™ & Defense™ floor tiles are very popular for use as dance floors for all types of dance including tap, jazz, hip hop and ballet. They simply snap together and can be placed directly over existing carpet and hardwoods or new construction such as concrete. Many of our clients also use our dance floors in their home gyms and exercises rooms. The tiles are easily installed by anyone in only a few hours for a large area... which saves YOU money!


Dance has become incredibly popular over the past several years. We don't just supply flooring to Professional Dance Studios, we can also supply dance flooring for a spare room in your home for the dancer in your family. Chances are, your children are already dancing on Sport Court floors at their local dance studio and you just don't know it yet.


Our internationally patented design reduces lateral trauma on stops, starts and jumps and helps reduce injuries to ankles, knees, lower back and shins. No other modular floor system offers this level of comfort and protection from injury. It's no mystery why many pro athletes have Sport Court floors in their own homes. They know it is the best. You can read letters of reference from dance studios on our testimonials web page.


Shotokan Karate Studio, Calgary, AB

(click on photos to visit their website)



Leap Studios, Calgary, AB (multiple floors)

Leap Studios Dance - Studio #1, Calgary, AB  Leap Studios Dance - Studio #2, Calgary, AB


Dubasov Dance

Dubasov Dance, studio 1, Calgary, AB  Dubasov Dance, studio 2, Calgary, AB


Overdrive Dance Force, St. Albert, AB (4 floors, 3500 sq.ft.)

Testimonial Letter

Overdrive Dance Force photo 1  Overdrive Dance Force photo 2


Dans'Atout Studios, La Salle, QC (3 time buyer)

Dans'Atout studios, La Salle, QC

Response™ & Defense™ Floor Tiles

Many professional athletes train on it and have it in their homes. Our OrthoCush™ with Lateral Forgiveness™ design

is why the pro's choose Sport Court  flooring products.





"I recently purchased an interlocking dance floor from Sport Court Alberta. We teach ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and social dancing. We are very pleased with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great dance floor! I am especially impressed that it works so well for tap sounds."

Melanie Beaudet, Owner (Dans'Atout currently has 3 studios) - Dans'



Response 6.0 floor tile photo                                                  Defense tile photo

Response tile photo                                      Defense floor tile photo



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size in a new window.



Illusion Dance, Edmonton - 2200 sq.ft.

Illusion Dance 1 - 2200 sq.ft. Illusion Dance 2 - 2200 sq.ft.



Ceilidh Surprise dance floor, Regina, SK



Tisdale Dance Centre




Ambition Performing Arts - Airdrie, AB




Dark Maple Select Sport Court Dance Floor




Maple Select Sport Court dance floor.




Basement dance and exercise floor with Sport Court Response tiles.




Yo Dance, Calgary AB




In Sequins Dance, Brooks, AB -




Dance Spectrum studios, Calgary, AB




Dans'Atout studios, La Salle, QC



Diversity Dance, Calgary AB

(3 Sport Court dance studios)

Diversity Dance 2 - Calgary AB  Diversity Dance 2 - Calgary AB



Dance floor above a garage. Calgary, AB




Bonnyville, AB dance studio, Sport Court maple select tiles  Bonnyville, AB dance studio, Sport Court maple select tiles




Dance Express SK - 3300 sq.ft.

Dance Express Saskatoon




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