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Sports Games and Rules

You can play many different games on your Sport Court backyard game court or home court depending on the equipment and components you have. Some of these games will require a minimum court size of 20' wide by 50' long to play them at their full potential. However, no matter what your court size is, you can always adjust and modify the rules of the games to accommodate a smaller court size.


Below you will find links to the Wikipedia pages that describe the origins, history, rules and variations of each game and sport. If you want to print a copy of these pages, Wikipedia has a link for the "printable version" on the left hand menu of their web page. You may have to scroll down to find it.


If you want to save or print the Wikipedia information in a PDF format there are several free programs you can use to do this. I have used PrimoPDF for a couple of years now. Nitro PDF is also a good one. Both of these free programs will convert web pages or documents into PDF format.

The Sport Court Game List

(click on the photos to view the Wikipedia information web page)


Basketball history & game rules

Regular Tennis (click the photo)

Tennis history & game rules

Short Court Tennis (PDF file)


Volleyball history & game rules

Paddle Tennis

Paddle Tennis history & game rules


Badminton history & game rules

Pickle Ball

Pickle Ball history & game rules

Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey history & game rules

Street Hockey

Street Hockey history & game rules

Soccer Tennis

Soccer Tennis history & game rules


Futsal history & game rules

Wiffle Ball

Wiffle Ball history & game rules

Team Handball

Team Handball history & game rules

Dodge Ball

Dodge Ball history & game rules


Shuffleboard history & game rules

Rebounder Racquetball

Racquetball history & game rules

Played against the Sport Court Rebounder


This game is a Sport Court game played like tennis except it is played with

a foam ball and Wacketball racquet (available from Sport Court).