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Floor Acceptable Uses

Product Information & Overview

Sport Court floor tiles can be used for many different applications. On this page you will find links to various PDF sheets with technical information which can be downloaded and printed at your convenience. We occasionally get requests from Architects and Engineers for this information, so we have created this web page specifically for that purpose.


Our website is one large "brochure" that is updated when changes are required. We find this to be much more accurate, efficient, cost effective & environmentally friendly rather than mailing paper brochures and catalogues which can become out of date in a short time and usually end up in the trash.


It is also more convenient for YOU to download and read the information instead of us trying to send you a huge email file containing the exact information you can find right on this and other pages of this website.


If there is some specific information that you cannot find, please contact us. Your email will be answered right away and your phone calls will be answered by Brent (owner/installer since 1991).


When was the last time you called a business and had the OWNER answer the phone?


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Sport Court Alberta, 20 Year Anniversary


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Response tile

Sport Court Response 6.0 indoor tile photo



Defense tile



Power Game tile

Sport Court Power Game outdoor tile photo



Deck Tiles

Sport Court deck, dock and patio tiles photo







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Outdoor Game Court Tiles


PowerGame Brochure

PowerGame Specs


SportGame Brochure

SportGame Specs



Indoor Gym, Dance & Exercise Floor Tiles

Response Tile Brochure

Response Maple Select High Gloss Website Link

Defense Tile Brochure


Response Tile Spec Sheet

Response Maple Select High Gloss Website Link

Defense Tile Spec Sheet

Rubber Underlay Spec Sheet

Warranty Information


Indoor Tile Warranty PDF


Outdoor Tile Warranty PDF

Deck & Garage Floor Tiles

Made in Canada!


Brochure for Garage & Deck Tiles


Colour Chart

General Installation Instructions

For All Tiles (PDF)

How to Install a Floor

See photo tutorial

See how tiles lock together

How to Uninstall a Floor

Rubber Underlay Installation

Outdoor Game Court Accessories


Basketball Systems Spec Sheets

Pro Slam ** Collegiate Slam ** Solid Slam

Basketball Systems Brochure


Light Systems Spec Sheets

Light Systems Brochure (PDF)

Light System Wiring Chart



Sport Base Installation Video


SportBase install video.wmv


Sport Base PDF Instructions

Care & Maintenance


Outdoor Tile Maintenance


Indoor Floor Tile Maintenance

ALL of our floors are designed to be PORTABLE and can

also be used as a permanent floor!


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