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Tennis Courts

Whether it's for your own backyard or your local tennis club, Sport Court interlocking athletic tiles can be installed in new facilities, or to resurface an old tennis court.


Reasons to choose a Sport Court tennis court:

  • Tiles can be laid right over old, cracked asphalt which saves money by not having to rip out the old surface and re-pave it.

  • Sport Court tiles are the ONLY athletic tiles that are used and endorsed by the International Tennis Federation and the United States Tennis Association as well as many other professional sports organizations. Our tiles are rated for true ball bounce and a  fast pace.

  • The average lifespan of our outdoor court surfaces is over 30 years and they are virtually maintenance free.

  • Tennis courts can be built as a full size 60' x 120' court or as a smaller short-court tennis surface that can fit in a backyard.

  • Tennis courts can be built to include other games such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and up to 15 different games depending on the size of the court.

  • Courts can be flooded in the winter to make a hockey rink and the multi-purpose net poles can be easily removed so they are not in the way of playing ice or ball hockey.

  • Sport Court tiles have patented OrthoCush™ designs with Lateral Forgiveness™ that are much easier on the body than playing on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete.



City of Brooks AB, 2 full size tennis courts, 2017 Alberta Summer Games

City of Brooks, AB - 2 full size tennis courts.

2017 Alberta Summer Games



52'x120' indoor Sport Court, Priddis, AB

52' x 120' Indoor Court, Priddis, AB



City of Revelstoke, BC - 3 full size Sport Court tennis courts

3 full size 60' x 120' Sport Court tennis courts.

City of Revelstoke, BC



Blackie, AB full size Sport Court aerial view

Blackie, AB full size court aerial view.




Click on photos to view full

size in a new window.



Redwood Meadows AB 2 full size tennis courts



Full size court June 2021







Three full size tennis courts in Christina Lake, BC




60 x 120 Sport Court on private acreage




Full size tennis court at the Creston, BC tennis club.




Full size Sport Court tennis court in Sundre, AB




Full size PowerGame tennis court




Full size tennis court in Bearspaw, AB




Full size multi-use court in Springbank, AB




Full size multi-use tennis court in Priddis, AB




Edmonton condo Sport Court tennis court




50 x 100 court Calgary, AB




Little Buffalo, AB full size Sport Court